Let's go with the Step-by-Step Editor for your Atipso advent calendar.

1. Create a project

In the "Projects" you add a new Project with the name "advent calendar".

Click on "Add a project" and "create" your project.  

2. Add an advent calendar-App to your project

You're now in the "Content Manager".

Click on "Add a page" to set up the advent calendar-App.

3. Create a Landing Page

This opens a Pop-Up-Widget and now you can create your Landing Page.

4. Choose a template

The next step opens various templates.

For the demo we choose template 2.

5. The Pagebuilder

All 24 advent calendar doors and placeholders are predefined in the Pagebuilder.

For each door you can set an action, like a raffle, a discount, or a blog entry.

1: Click on door 1. This opens the Image Widget Settings on the right hand.

2: Choose "Select Image" for your desired image for door 1.

6. Visibility Control

The Visibility Control (2) is used for the advent calender. It leaves a door open for a certain day.

The Visibility Control is already enabled and correctly set up. Of course you can adapt it to your needs.

Example: Door 1 should be opened only on 01. December. If you click on another date on the box, you will get a notification that this door can only be opened on 01. December.

For testing purposes the current date has been selected for "show from" and the 01. December for "show until".

7. Watch the preview

Click on save and exit for leaving the Pagebuilder.

You are back in your advent calendar-project. Click on the View-Icon to watch a preview of your advent calendar.

If you click in the preview on door 1 it opens the corresponding action.

8. Set up a raffle

In case, you can hide everything behind your individual advent calendar-days. Nearly everything is possible with Atipso. Each box is fillable with texts, images and links.

For example:

  • Hide links to actions in your webshop.
  • Link Blogposts.
  • Show discount codes.
  • Competitions, voting games or organize other Apps.

We suppose you want to give away a hiking boot.

Click here to experience, how you can set up a raffle with Atipso.

9. Connect your advent calendar-doors to your raffle

Now we connect door 1 with our Raffle for the hiking boots.

1: You're going back in the Pagebuilder of your advent calendar. Click on door 1. On the right hand the Image Widget Settings appear.

2: Now we link to your raffle form. Click on Link - choose "atipso app" - decide how the raffle should be opened (in the same window, in a lightbox, ...) - 

select your project "advent calendar" - and select the raffle form, which should be linked.

10. Watch the preview

Now you can check out, what you have created with Atipso.

Click in the advent calendar app on the View-Icon and you will be dropped into the preview of your advent calendar.

1. By clicking on door 1 it opens the action - the raffle for the hiking boots.

2. With another click on door 1 it opens a Lighbox with the form to your raffle.


I hope you've enjoyed the Step-by-Step-Editor for your Atipso advent calendar.

Have fun trying!