Let's go and let me show you the User Interface of Atipso.

1. Login

After you've signed-up for your free Atipso-Trial-Account you can log in with your data on: https://app.atipso.com/login.

1. If you have a facebook-account, you can log-in via facebook.

2. Otherwise just enter your mailadress and your password.

3. Atipso supports Single-Sign-On. Just click on "Remember me" and you don't have to enter your mailadress and password anymore in the future.

4. Did you forgot your password? Just click on "Forgot password" and request a new one.

5. You don't have an account yet? Click on "Signup now, it's free".

2. Home screen in Atipso

After you've signed-up with your User Data, you'll find yourself in the project view.

Here you have an overview of all your projects.

1. With a click on "Project" you get back to your project view.

2. If you click on "Support" you are forwarded to the Atipso-Knowledgebase. Here you can find all our tutorials. You can assign a support-ticket or you can contact us via phone.

3. Under the point "User" you find all the informations for your account (more at 4.1. Account).

4. Here you find an overview of all of your projects. Additionally you can search for projects.

5. With the "Plus"-Icon you can add a new project.

3. Support

If you click on "Support" you are forwarded to the Atipso-Knowledgebase.

1. Here you can search for a term.

2. If you need help, you can create a "New support ticket". We will respond immediatelly. Also you can follow up your ticket status.

3. You also find our telephone-number here.

4. In the Knowledge-Base you find our tutorials.

4. User

With a click on user, you find informations about your account, your plan, your domains or you simple can log out.

4.1. Account

With a click on "User" and "Account" you find an overview of all your acount-data.

1. Here you can change your password.

2. "Profile"contains all your personal informations like name, mailaddress, phone-number, billing address and you can also add an invoice CC.

3. With a click on "Plan" you can upgrade or downgrady your plan.

4. In your "General Settings" you find your API-Key.

5. You can activate or deactivate "auto save".

6. It's possible to set up english, german, portuguese or polish language in Atipso.

7. Under "Payment Methods" you can set up your prefered payment option - credit card or PayPal.

8. Here you find a list of your invoices.

9. It's also possible to delete your Atipso-Account completely. 

Attention: Deleting your account will erase all data on our servers and you won't be able to restore them.

4.2. Plan

1. With a click on "Users" and "Plan" you can see, which Plan you are using at the moment.

2. You are currently using the Free-Plan.

3. You can up-or downgrade anytime you want. Just choose on your prefered plan and click on "Choose Plan".

4.3. Domains

1. With a click on "User" and "Domains" you can managa your personal domains.

2. By clicking on the "+"-Icon you can add a new domain.

3. Enter your domain name and click the "Add"-Button.

4. Here you can verify your added domains.


4.4. Logout

With a click on "Users" and "Logout" you can check out from Atipso.


I hope you've enjoyed our tutorial for the Atipso User Interface.

Have fun exploring Atipso!