In this tutorial we show you, how to define superfast your own style for your projects in Atipso.

1. Define your Style

You find yourself now in one of your projects. Just click on "Style" to define the way your project should look like.

1. Just click on the "Style"-Index Tab. Here you are able to set up different Stylesets for your project.

2. Choose "Overall". In the yellow frame you see an up-to-date preview of your Styleset, which you can modify as you wish. You can define the font, the font size, the Line High, the Font Color, or you can choose also between italic and bold letters.

3. If you click on the "Save"-Button your predifined style will be saved.

Like this you can modify columns, headings, links, images, and so on.

2. Rename a style

1. With a click on the "Pen"-Icon you can rename your Styleset. A Pop-Up opens called "Rename this style".

2. Rename your style as you wish.

3. Click on the "Change"-Button. The Styleset now wears your predefined name.

3. Clone a style

1. With a click on the "Clone"-Icon you can duplicate your Styleset.

2. A Pop-Up opens called "Clone this style". Just give it a name.

3. Click on "Clone" to duplicate the style.

4. You can now choose different Stylesets like "Default" and "Default2".

4. Delete a style

1. If you want to delete a Style just click on the "x"-Icon.

2. A Pop-Up opens which is called "Delete this style". If you want to erase the style, just click on the "Delete"-Button.

5. Setting up a new style

1. With a click on the "+"-Icon you can set up a new style.

2. The Pop-Up opens and you can create a "New Style". Just give it a name.

3. Click on the "Create"-Button.

4. You can now choose different Stylesets.

6. Manage your fonts

Additionally you can manage your fonts in Atipso.

Choose the "+"-Icon to upload your own fonts by clicking on "File" or "Google Fonts" to choose a Google Fonts.


6.1. Manage your fonts - from a File

1. Choose "File", if you want to upload a fonts from your computer.

2. A Pop-Up opens for editing your fonts. Give your fonts a name.

3. Upload it as a .ttf or a .otf file.

4. Click on the "Save"-Button. The fonts is now available.  

6.2. Manage your fonts - Google fonts

1. Choose "Google Fonts" if you want to use a Google Fonts.

2. A Pop-Up opens. You can now search for your prefered Google Fonts and click on it.

At the moment there are more than 700 Google Fonts. Just have a look at:

3. All uploaded or choosen Google Fonts you can manage under the "Manage Fonts"-Area.

4. You can also delete Fonts, which you don't want to use anymore.


I hope you've enjoyed our tutorial for setting up your own styles in Atipso.

Have fun exploring Atipso!