Let's go and let me show you how to create Content in Atipso.

1. Create a project

1. Click on "Add a project" for adding a new project.

2. Now you can insert your project name.

3. Just click on the "Create"-Button.

2. Add a page to your project

You find yourself now in your project.

Click on "Add a page" to set up a page.

Basically, you can create and publish every imaginable content with Atipso.

You can also add additional apps such as sweepstakes, votings, quizzes or match-apps.

3. Create a Landing-Page

You find yourself now in the Step-by-Step Editor.

1. Choose a title for your Landing Page. In this tutorial we will set up a coupon.

2. Decide, which language should be selected, if no language can't be identified.

3. Click on the "Next"-Button.

3.1. Create a Landing-Page

1. You can either choose an empty page without any content,

2. or you can search for different templates, for example: popups.

3. We choose the "Exit Intent Discount"-Template. You can rearrange everything later in the Pagebuilder.

4. Click on the "Next"-Button.

4. The Pagebuilder

You find yourself now in the Pagebuilder - the heart of Atipso!

You can now costumize your individual voucher in the Pagebuilder!

1. With a click on the "Screen"-Icon you can view your content in the Desktop-Mode or in the Mobile-Mode.

2. On the left side you find all Atipso-Widgets, which you can insert into the canvas via Drag-and-Drop.

3. Here you can see your content on your canvas. You can rearrange it anytime you want.

4. If you click for example onto the headline in the canvas, it opens on the right hand the "Headline Widget"-Settings. Here you can style your headline as you wish. Of course you can change the title of your headlines.

4.1. The Pagebuilder

1. Step 1 shows you, that there is a container with two Columns. You can change anytime you want the number of the columns.

2. With a click on the "Documents"-Icon, you can duplicate the selected widget. If you click the "Gear"-Icon the Settings of the Widgets open on the right hand. If you choose the "x"-Symbol you can delete the marked widget.

5. Save and leave the Pagebuilder

1. Just click on the "Disk"-Icon, if you want to save your created content.

2. With a click on the "Door"-Icon, you can leave the Pagebuilder.



You created your very first content with Atipso.

Have fun trying all Widgets!