In this tutorial we show you how to set up a Voting in Atipso.

1. Create a project

1. Click on "Add a project" for adding a new project.

2. Now you can insert your project name.

3. Just click on the "Create"-Button.

2. Add a page to your project

You find yourself now in the "Content-Manager".

Just click on "add a voting to your project" for setting up a voting.

3. Create a Voting with the Step-by-Step editor

1. Add a catchy title to your voting.

2. Enter the Operator Name of the raffle.

3. Determine the deadline for the entries.

4. You can choose, if your visitors should be redirected to another page after the participation deadline.

5. Set up which language should be used if none can be determined automatically.

6. Arrange the number of your winners.

7. You can choose, if you want to add an automated winning notification or not.

8. Also you can force a language.

9. You can either choose, if participants can attend the voting, but cannot submit anything - so you have to manually create entries.

10. Or you can select a "Voting with submission". Which means that participants can submit their own content and can vote on other content.

For this tuturial we use "Voting with submission".

3.1. Create a Voting with the Step-by-Step editor

1. Here you can limit the number of votes per participant.

2. You can set up the amount of submissions displayed on each page.

3. Also you can restrict the number of submits per competitor.

4. You can determine, which countries are allowed to participate in the Voting. In addition the checkbox "only show allowed countries in the registration form" should be hooked.

5. Here you can set up which user content is required. In our tutorial we are searching for the most beautiful landscape pictures - so only pictures are allowed in this Voting.

6. Furthermore you can select which data your participants need to enter for the Voting. The email address is for each participating mandatory.

7. Besides you can add additional fields to get more infos from your participants.

8. You can choose whether your participants can subscribe to your newsletter or not.

9. You can specify, if your contestants need a user account for the participation.

10. Additionally you can select, if the participants have to confirm their email-adress.

11. Klick on the Next-Button. 

3.2. Create a Voting with the Step-by-Step Editor

1. Next you can set up your Conditions of Participation. There is already a sample available in Atipso, which you should read and complete.

2. As a reliable lottery organisator you have to announce your imprints or your legals.

3. Click on the Next-Button.

3.3. Create a Voting with the Step-by-Step Editor

1. If your Voting takes place on Facebook, you can activate automatic postings.

2. Click on the Next-Button.

3.4. Create a Voting with the Step-by-Step Editor

1. Choose a template or an empty page.

2. Click on the Next-Button.

4. The Pagebuilder

Almost everything is done. Thanks to the Atipso-Step-by-Step Editor.

You find yourself now in the Pagebuilder.

Here you can still make adjustments or changes, if you have forgotten something in the Step-by-Step Editor.

1. Click on the form. On the right hand the "Sweepstake Widget Settings" now will appear.

2. If your Voting takes place on Facebook, you can activate automatic postings.

3. You can specify whether participation is allowed via registration form or not.

4. You can choose if a user account is needed for submitting items or not.

5. Additionally you can select, if the contestants have to confirm their email-addresses.

6. You can remodel your introductory text.

7. Participants must at least always specify their email-address . You can itemize here, which additional data for the participation are mandatory.

8. There is also the possibility to insert an additional text box or check box.

9. You can choose if the contestants can subscribe to your newsletter.

10. Incidentally you can change the countries which are allowed to attend.

11.There's also the option to set up a "Thank-You"-Page for your contestants.

12. You can change the "Feel and Look" of your whole form.

13. Also you can activate Postings.

14. In addition you can adapt and refine your whole form with the Widgets in the Sidebar.


5. Watch the preview

Click on "Save" and "Exit" for leaving the Pagebuilder.

We are almost done. You are back in your project. Click on the "View"-Icon to watch a preview of your Voting.

Your Voting-Form should look like this. You can improve it later in the Pagebuilder.

1. In the Voting-Tab currently no images are submitted.

2. Click therefore on "Submit Something" to participate in the Voting.

3. Upload a picture, in our case - your most beautiful landscape picture. JPEG, PNG and GIF-files are allowed.

4. To registrate you have to insert your name, email-address, country and a password.

5. Accept the Conditions of Participaten.

6. For conclusion click on the "Register now and submit your entry"-Button.

7. Your post has now been submitted and you can vote for your picture.


I hope you've enjoyed the Step-by-Step-Editor for setting up a Voting.

Have fun trying!