In this tutorial we show you, how you can easily evaluate a Voting in Atipso.

1. In the project

Choose a Voting-App, which you have already created and then click on the "Manage"-Icon.

2. The Manage-Section

Now you find yourself in the Manage-Section of your Voting.

1. Here you can see the participants on your competition. When you click on a participant you see more detailed informations. You also can delete users, f.e. if they are using a fake account or are double registred.

2. You can export all participants via CSV-file, or

3. you can export them in an Excel-file.

4. Additionally you can download all profile pictures of your participants.

5. As well as you can write a bulk-email to all your contestants.

6. It's possible to disable participants, or

7. to activate all of them again.

8. Using Atipso helps you to draw a winner randomly or to rank a winner by the number of votes.

9.  "User Submissions" gives you an overview about all the submissons of your contestants. Also you can award points, see details, enable submissions or deactivate them.

10. Click on the "x"-Icon to deactivate all submissions.

11. With a click on the "Checkmark"-Icon you can activate all submissions again.

12. If you click on the "Star"-Icon you delete all votes.

13. Under "Manual submissions" you can look upon all manually sended submissions.

14. With "Create a submission" you are allowed to create a submission by yourself.

15. It's also possible to reset the whole Voting.

3. Done

Great work! Now you know, how you can evaluate a Voting and choose a winner!

We wish you a great time playing around with Atipso!