You already created some content in Atipso. Now we show you how to publish your Atipso-Apps on Facebook.

1. Publish a project

You find yourself in one of your projects. Click now on the "Publish"-Tab.

2. The Publish-Section

In the Publish-Area you're able to publish your created Atipso-Apps.

1. Click on "Select an App to publish". It'll open all of your costumized-Atipso-Apps in the selected project.

2. Choose the App, which you want to publish.

3. Publish to Facebook

This opens a Pop-Up with all the possibilities of where and how you can publish your App.

You can publish your App to Facebook.

1. Click on "Publish to Facebook".

2. If you're publishing an Atipso-App on Facebook for the very first time, you must log in with your user-account on Facebook.

3. Choose "Add Facebook-pages". Then all pages will appear for which you have administration rights. Define your site on which you want to publish your Content.

4. Click on the "Save"-Button.

5. To publish your App on Facebook choose the "Default Method".

6. The "Advanced Method" is only used by users, who have their own Facebook-Developer-Account.

7. Now select the Facebook Page on which you want to publish your Content.

8. Just click on the "Publish"-Button.

9. Your site has now been created in a new Facebook-Tab. Click on "View Tab" to spot your published Content.


Well done! Now you can publish your Atipso-Content on Facebook.

Have fun with Atipso!