You've already created some content in Atipso. Now we show you how you can forward your Atipso-App to your Domain.

1. Publish a project

You find yourself in one of your projects. Click now on the Publish-Tab.

2. The Publish-Section

In the Publish-Area you're able to publish your created Atipso-Apps.

How do I forward an Atipso-App to my Domain?

1. Click on "Select an App to publish". It'll open all of your costumized-Atipso-Apps in the selected project.

2. Choose the App, which you want to publish.

3. Publish Content - Hosted on Atipso

1. Choose "hosted on Atipso" to forward your Atipso-App directly to your Domain.

2. Click on "URL" to select the URL, on which your Atipso-App should be published.

3. You can enable or disable to redirect your users to a Facebook-Pagetab. Atipso automatically detects whether it is a mobile user or not and forwards them to the correct Atipso-Pagetab.

4. Select "Add one of your domains".

5. Because we haven't assigned any domains to this project yet, click on "Domains Management".

6. Click on the "Plus"-Icon to enter a desired Domain name to Atipso.

7. After you've added a Domain, you have to verify this one.

For custom domains to work, you have to tell your DNS provider to create a CNAME record pointing to atipso and a TXT record to verify your domain ownership. After adding these records there, you can check its status in this panel.

8. After you've entered the data, you can verify your entries blank.


Good work! Now you know how you can forward your Atipso-Apps to your Domain!

Have fun with Atipso!