In this tutorial we show you how you can easily embed your Atipso-Apps as an Auto-Popup on your Website.

1. Publish a project

You find yourself in one of your projects. Click now on the Publish-Tab.

2. The Publish-Section

In the Publish-Area you're able to publish your created Atipso-Apps.

1. Click on "Select an App to publish". It'll open all of your costumized Atipso-Apps in the selected project.

2. Choose the App, which you want to publish.

3. Embed an Auto-Popup

This opens a Pop-Up with all the possibilities of where and how you can publish your App.

You can embed an Auto-Popup to your Website.

1. To include an Auto-Popup on your website, click on "Embed Auto Popup".

2. You can select, if you want to display the Auto-Popup also on mobile devices.

3. Likewise, you can decide whether the Auto-Popup only should appear on specific URLs.

4. For that, click on the "Add URL"-Button to specify those pages, where the Auto-Popup should be shown.

5. Additionally, you can choose after how many seconds the Auto-Popup should appear on your Website.

6. Click on the "Save"-Button.

4. Publish an Auto-Popup

You can now embed the code on your website.

Simply click on "Copy to clipboard" and embed the code in the header section of your Website.

Whether you embed an Exit-Intent, an Auto Pop-Up or an App-Button you have to insert the code only once in your header section.

Atipso automatically inserts all informations.


Nice! Now you can embed an Auto-Popup on your Website.

Have fun with Atipso!